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        The Charcoal-Burner and the Fuller 燒炭人與漂布人

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        The Father and His Sons 父親與爭吵的兒子們

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        Big Boss Man

        admin 43

        The Tiger and the Fox

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        Chances exists in the daily details

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        When Love Beckons You

        admin 459

        Daughter-in-law and daughter

        admin 655

        The fawn who misses the class

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        Where Can You Find the Riches

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        Village Doe and Mountain Buck

        admin 24

        The strutting peacock

        admin 26

        Finding a New Spring 尋找一處新泉水

        admin 39

        A Huge Lump of Gold 一塊大金子

        admin 23

        The goat butcher

        admin 20

        Sacrifice your own wrong doing

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        The Golden Plate 金盤子

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        The King With One Gray Hair 國王的一根白頭發

        admin 73

        A Shameful Affair 一件可恥的事情

        admin 30

        A Handful of Clay 一捧泥土

        admin 135

        Kind advice is wise advice

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        Supernatural turtle

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        Children's numerical skills

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        The country maid and her milk

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        The touchstone

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        Give it a second thought

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