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        Artificial cornea breakthrough in Wuhan

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        Modern dogs descended from European wolves: study

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        China sets up first gene database of birth defects

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        China sets up cloud computing industry alliance

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        NE China home to early domestic cattle

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        Wind turbine generator installed in Inner Mongolia

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        2 human H7N9 cases reported in October

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        Vaccine switch to prevent paralysis

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        Chinese dream of popularizing science

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        Mutant gene discovery will help research

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        Chinese firm launches smart watch for pregnant women

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        Earliest fossil of copulating insects found in China

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        HK, Scotland sign framework agreement on research pact

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        China imposes strict anti-cholera inspections

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        15th China Int'l Industry Fair kicks off in Shanghai

        15th China Int'l Industry Fair kicks off in Shanghai

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        China invents low-cost welding robot

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        Wet woodlands 'at risk from water crisis'

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        Mobile apps issued to popularize first-aid knowledge

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        Shenzhou-10 crew awarded for outstanding service

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