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        Folk dance 'Taliu People' reveals customs of mysterious ethnic group

        Folk dance Taliu People made its debut at the Yunnan Arts University.

        Folk dance "Taliu People" made its debut at the Yunnan Arts University.

        The 13th Asian Arts Festival is due to open in southwest China's Kunming on Monday. As part of the run-up to the festivities the folk dance "Taliu People" made its debut at the Yunnan Arts University over the weekend.

        The dance displays some authentic ethnic flavour from the mysterious Taliu People, who are considered a branch of the Yi ethnic minority.

        The event gave audiences a quick peek at the Asian Arts Festival, which will present various art forms that highlight Yunnan's ethnic culture. It will also bring together top art troupes from other Asian countries, along with exhibitions of paintings, porcelain and photographs.

        Since it was launched in 1998, the Asian Arts Festival has become a platform to help Asian people better understand each other's culture. The festival runs until Friday.


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