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        Farmers to benefit equally from China's development

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        Easing of deposit rates at right time

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        Officials eye consumer, vehicle taxes

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        BHP Billton sees China key driver for mining industry

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        Nothing cloudy over SAP’s China goal

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        Eighth German Center launched in Qingdao

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        A Chinese entrepreneur's leap of little faith

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        China's manufacturing PMI slips in November: HSBC

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        China's VAT reform reduces taxes by 93.97 bln yuan

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        Low utilization rate spurs need to act

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        China stock index futures open mixed Thursday

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        China treasury bond futures open higher Thursday

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        Virtual currency a bit overpriced for the real world

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        ChiNext Index opens lower Thursday

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        Israeli manager sows the seeds of success

        Israeli manager sows the seeds of success

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        Beijing to start lottery applications for homes

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        Chinese yuan weakens to 6.1366 against USD on Thursday

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        Codelco to increase copper shipments to China

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        Qunar sees loss in Q3

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        Trust-Mart to close Qianjin store in Dec

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        Hon Hai to stop production of iPhone 5C

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        Nation preparing to remove deposit rate controls

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        Official warns of oversupply of commercial complexes

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        China worth risk for foreign insurers

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        Zhou’s vow warms shares in Shanghai

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        Stock exchanges rebound, boosted by details of reform

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