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        1. A
        2. Africa African America American April Arabian Arctic Asia Asian Atlantic August Australia Australian
        3. B
        4. B.C. Bible Bill Britain British Buddhism
        5. C
        6. Canada Canadian China China Chinese Christ Christian Christian christmas
        7. D
        8. December
        9. E
        10. England English Europe European
        11. F
        12. Fahrenheit February France French Friday
        13. G
        14. German Germany GREek
        15. I
        16. I India Indian Islam Italian
        17. J
        18. January Japan Japanese Jesus July June Jupiter
        19. L
        20. Latin
        21. M
        22. Mars Marxisim Marxist Mediterranean Monday Moslem
        23. N
        24. Negro November
        25. O
        26. Oceania October
        27. P
        28. P.M. Pacific Pacific Pat Portuguese
        29. R
        30. Roman Roman Russian
        31. S
        32. Saturday Saturn September Soviet Spanish Sunday Swiss
        33. T
        34. Thanksgiving Thursday Tuesday
        35. V
        36. Venus
        37. W
        38. Wednesday
        39. X
        40. X-ray Xerox
        41. a
        42. a.m abandon abbreviation abide ability able abnormal aboard abolish about above abroad absence absent absent absolute absolutely absorb absorption abstract abstract absurd abundance abundant abuse academic academy accelerate acceleration accent accept acceptable acceptance access accessory accessory accident accidental accommodate accommodation accompany accomplish accord accord accordance accordingly account accumulate accuracy accurate accuse accustom accustomed ache achieve achievement acid acknowledge acquaint acquaintance acquire acre across act action action active activity actor actress actual actually acute ad adapt add addition additional address adequate adhere adjacent adjective adjoin adjust adjustable administration administration admiration admire admission admit adopt adoption adore adult advance advanced advantage advantageous adventure adverb advertise advertisement advice advisable advise advocate aerial aeroplane aerospace affair affect affection affirm afford afraid after afternoon afterward again against age agency agent agGREssive agitation ago agony aGREe aGREeable aGREement agriculture ahead aid aim air aircraft airline airplane airport alarm alas album alcohol alert algebra alien alignment alike alive all allied allow allowance alloy ally almost alone along alongside aloud alphabet already also alter alteration alternate alternative although altitude altogether aluminium always amateur amaze ambassador ambient ambiguous ambition ambitious ambulance among amongst amount ampere ample amplify amplitude amuse amusement analogue analogy analyse analysis analytic(al) ancestor anchor ancient and angel anger angle angry animal ankle anniversary announce announce announcer annoy annual annually anode another answer answer ant antarctic antenna anticipate antique anxiety anxious any anybody anybody anyhow anyone anything anyway anywhere apart apartment apologize apology apparatus apparent apparent appeal appear appearance appendix appetite applaud applause apple appliance applicable application apply appoint appointment appreciable appreciate appreciation approach appropriate approval approve approximate approximately apt arbitrary arc arch architect architecture area argue argument arise arithmetic arm army around arouse arrange arrangement array arrest arrival arrive arrow art article artificial artist artistic as ascend ascertain ascribe ash ashamed ashore aside ask asleep aspect ass assassinate assault assemble assembly assert assess assessment assign assignment assist assistant associate association assume assumption assurance assure astonish astonishment astronaut astronomy at athlete atmosphere atmospheric atom atom atomic attach attachment attack attain attempt attend attendance attendant attention attentive attitude attorney attract attraction attractive attribute audience audience aunt aural author author authority auto automate automatic automation automobile autumn auxiliary avail availability available avenue average aviation aviation avoid await awake awake award aware away awful awful awfully awkward awkward ax axial axis axis axle
        43. b
        44. baby baby bachelor back background backward bacon bacteria bacterium bad badge badly badminton baffle bag baggage bait bake balance balcony bald ball ballet balloon bamboo banana band bandage bandit bang bank bank banker bankrupt banner banquet bar barber bare barely bargain barge bark barley barn barometer baron barrel barren barrier base baseball basement basic basically basin basin basis basket basketball bat bath bathe bathroom battery battery battle battle bay bazaar be beach bead beam beam bean bear bear beard bearing beast beat beautiful beauty because become bed bed bee beef beer beetle before beforehand beg beggar begin beginner beginning behalf behave behavior behind being belief believe bell belong beloved below belt bench bend bend beneath beneficial benefit berry beside besides best bestow bet betray better between between beware bewilder beyond bicycle bid big bike billion bind biology bird birth birthday biscuit bishop bit bite bitter bitterly bitterness black blackboard blacksmith blade blame blank blanket blast blast blaze blaze bleach bleed blend bless blind blind block block blond blood bloom blossom blouse blow blue blue blunder blush board board boast boat body body boil boiler bold bolt bomb bond bone book boot booth border bore bore born borrow bosom boss both bother bottle bottom bough bounce bound bound boundary bourgeois bow bowl box box box boy boycott brace brain brake branch brand brand brandy brass brave bread breadth break breakdown breakfast breakfast breast breath breathe breed breed breeze bribe brick bridegroom bridge bridge bridle brief bright brighten brightness brilliant brim bring brisk bristle brittle broad broadcast broaden broken bronze bronze brood brood brook broom brother brow brown bruise brush brute bubble bucket bud budget buffalo bug bugle build building bulb bulk bull bull bullet bulletin bump bunch bundle burden bureau bureaucracy burglar burial burn burner burst bury bus bush bushel business busy but butcher butt butter butterfly button buy buzz by-product by bypass
        45. c
        46. cabbage cabin cabinet cable cable cafe cafeteria cage cake calculate calculation calculator calculus calendar calibration call calm camel camera camp campaign campus can can can canal cancel cancel cancer candidate candle candy cane cannon canoe canteen canvas cap capability capable capacitance capacitor capacity cape capital captain captive captive capture car carbon card care career careful careless cargo carpenter carpet carriage carrier carrot carry carry cart cartoon cartridge carve case case cash cassette cast castle casual cat catalog catalogue catalyst catch category cater cathedral catholic cattle cause caution cautious cave cavity cease ceiling celebrate cell cellar cement cement censor cent centigrade centimetre central centre century cereal ceremony certain certainly certainty certainty certificate chain chair chairman chalk challenge challenge chamber champion champion chance change channel chapter character characteristic characterize charcoal charge charge charity charm charming chart charter chase chatter cheap cheat cheat check check cheek cheer cheerful cheese chemical chemist chemistry cheque cherish cherry chess chest chestnut chew chicken chief child childhood childish chill chill chimney chin chip chocolate choice choice choke choose chop chop chord chorus church cigar cigarette cinema circle circuit circular circular circulate circulation circumference circumstance circus cite citizen city civil civilian civilization civilize claim claim clamp clap clap clarify clash clasp clasp class classic classical classification classify classmate classroom clatter claw clay clean cleanliness clear clearing clearly clerk clever client cliff climate climax climb cling clinic clip clip cloak cloak clock clockwise close closely closet cloth clothe clothes clothing cloud cloudy cloudy clown club clue clumsy cluster clutch coach coach coal coarse coast coat cock cock code coefficient coffee coffin coherent coil coin coin coincide coke cold collaborate collapse collar colleague collect collection collective college collide collision colonel colonial colonist colony color column comb combat combination combine combustion come comedy comfort comfortable command commander commence commend comment commerce commercial commission commission commit committee commodity common commonly commonplace commonsense commonwealth communicate communication communism communist community compact companion company comparable comparative compare comparison compass compatible compel compensate compensation compete competent competition competitive competitor compile complain complaint complaint complement complete completely completion complex complexity complicate complicated complication compliment comply component compose composer composite composition composition compound comprehend comprehension comprehensive compress compression comprise compromise compulsory compute computer comrade conceal conceit conceive concentrate concentrate concentration concept conception concern concern concerning concert concert concession conclude conclusion concrete condemn condense condition conduct conductor conference confess confidence confidence confident confidential confine confirm confirmation conflict conform confront confuse confusion congratulate congratulation conGREss conjunction connect connection conquer conqueror conquest conscience conscious consciousness consciousness consent consequence consequence consequent consequently conservation conservative conservative consider considerable considerate consideration consist consistent consistent console consolidate constant constituent constitute constitution constitution constraint construct construction construction consul consult consume consumer consumption consumption contact contain container contemporary contempt contend content content contest context continent continental continual continue continuous contract contradict contradiction contrary contrary contrast contrast contribute control controversy convenience convenient convention convention conventional conversation conversely conversion convert convert convey convey conviction convince cook cool cooperate cooperative coordinate coordinate cope copper copy cord cordial core corn corner corporation correct correction correctly correlate correlation correspond correspondence correspondent corresponding corridor corrosion corrupt cosmic cosmos cost costly cottage cotton couch cough could council counsel count count counter counter country countryside county couple courage courageous course court courteous courtesy cousin cover cow coward coward crab crack crack cradle craft craft crane crank crash crash crawl crazy cream create creative creature credit credit creep crew cricket crime criminal cripple crisis crisis crisp criterion critic critical criticism criticize crooked crop cross cross crow crowd crown crude cruel cruelty cruise crush crust cry crystal cube cubic cubic cuckoo cucumber cultivate culture cunning cup cupboard cure curiosity curious curl curly currency current currently curse curtain curve cushion custom custom customary customer cut cutter cycle cylinder
        47. d
        48. daily dairy dam damage damn damp dance danger dangerous dare daring dark darling dash data date datum daughter dawn day daylight dazzle dead deadly deaf deafen deal deal dealer dean dear death debate debt decade decay decay deceit deceive decent decide decidedly decimal decision decisive deck declaration declare decline decompose decorate decorative decrease decree dedicate deduce deed deem deep deepen deepen deer default defeat defect defence defend deficiency deficient define define definite definitely definition deflect deflection deform deformation defy degradation degrade deGREe delay delegate delegation delete deliberate deliberately delicate delicious delight deliver delivery demand democracy democratic demonstrate denial denote denounce dense density dentist deny depart department departure depend dependant dependent deposit deposit deposition depress depression deprive depth deputy derivation derive descend descendant descent describe description desert desert deserve design designate desirable desire desk desolate despair desperate despise despite dessert destination destine destiny destroy destruction destructive detach detail detail detain detect detection detective detector determination determine develop develop development deviate deviation device devil devise devote devotion devour dew diagnose diagram dial dialect dialog diameter diamond diary dictate dictation dictator dictionary die diesel diet differ difference different difficult difficult difficulty dig digest digital dignity diligent dim dimension diminish dine dinner dioxide dip diploma diplomatic direct direction directly director directory dirt dirty disable disadvantage disaGREe disaGREement disappear disappearance disappoint disaster disastrous discard discern discharge discipline disclose discount discourage discourse discover discovery discrimination discuss discussion disease disgrace disguise disgust dish dishonour disillusion disk dislike dismay dismiss dismiss disorder disorder dispatch disperse displace displacement display displease disposal dispose dispute disregard dissatisfaction dissatisfy dissipate dissolve dissolve distance distant distinct distinct distinction distinctly distinguish distinguish distort distortion distract distress distribute distribution district disturb disturbance ditch dive diverge diverse diversion divert divide divine division divorce dizzy do dock dock doctor doctrine document documentary dog dollar dome domestic domestic dominant dominate donkey doom door dorm dormitory dose dot double doubt doubtful doubtless doubtless dove down downstairs downward dozen draft drag dragon drain drain drainage drama drama dramatic drastic draw drawback drawer drawing dread dreadful dream dress drift drill drink drip drive driver drop drought drown drug drum drunk dry dry duck due duke dull dumb dump duplicate durable duration during dusk dust dust duty dwarf dwell dwelling dye dying dynamic(al) dynamic dynamo
        49. e
        50. each eager eagle ear ear early earn earnest earnings earth earthenware earthquake ease easily east eastern eastward easy eat echo echo eclipse ecology economic economical economically economics economy edge edit edition editor editorial educate education effect effective efficiency efficient effort egg egyptian eight eighteen eighth eighty either eject elaborate elapse elastic elbow elbow elder elect election electric electrical electrician electricity electrode electron electronic electronics electronics elegant element elemental elementary elephant elevate elevation elevator eleven eleventh eliminate elimination elliptical eloquence else elsewhere embarrass embarrass embassy embody embrace embrace embroidery emerge emerge emergency emigrate emission emit emotion emotional emperor emphasis emphasize empire empirical employ employee employer employment empty enable enchant enclose enclosure encounter encourage end end endanger endeavor ending endless endow endurance endure enemy energetic energize energy enforce engage engage engagement engine engineer engineering englishman enhance enjoy enlarge enlighten enormous enough enrich enroll ensure enter enterprise entertain entertainment enthusiasm enthusiastic entire entitle entitle entrance entreat entry entry envelope environment environmental envy episode epoch equal equality equation equation equator equilibrium equip equipment equivalent equivalent era erect erect erosion errand error escape escort especially essay essence essential essential establish establish establishment estate estimate eternal evaluate evaporate evaporate eve even even even evening evenly event eventually ever everlasting every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evidence evident evil evil evolution evolution evolve exact exactly exaggerate exam examination examine example exceed exceedingly excel excellent except except exception exceptional excess excess excessive excessively exchange excite exciting exclaim exclamation exclude exclusive exclusively excursion excursion excuse excuse execute execution executive executive exemplify exercise exert exert exhaust exhibit exhibition exile exist existence exit expand expansion expect expect expectation expedition expel expenditure expense expensive experience experiment experimental experimentally experimentation expert expire explain explanation explicit explode exploit exploration explore explosion explosive export expose exposition exposure express expression extend extension extensive extent exterior external extinct extinguish extra extra extract extraction extraordinarily extraordinary extravagant extreme extreme extremely eye eyesight
        51. f
        52. fable fabric fabricate fabrication face facilitate facility fact faction factor factory faculty fade fail failure faint fair fair fair fairly faith faithful fake fall fall false fame familiar family famine famous fan fan fancy fantastic far fare farewell farm farmer farther fascinate fashion fashionable fast fasten fastener fatal fate father-in-law father fatigue fault faultless faulty favour favourable favourite fear fearful fearless feasible feast feather feature federal fee feeble feed feedback feel feel feeling fell fellow fellowship female feminine fence fence ferrous ferry fertile fertile fertilizer festival fetch fever few fibre fiction field fierce fifteen fifth fifty fight fighter figure filament file fill fill film filter filter filth final finally finance finance financial find finding fine fine finely finger finish finite fire fireman fireplace firework firm firmness first-rate first fish fisherman fission fist fit fitness fitting five fix fixture flag flake flame flame flank flannel flap flare flash flask flat flat flatten flatter flavour flavour flaw flee fleet flesh flexible flexible flight flight fling float float flock flock flood floor flour flourish flow flower flu fluctuate fluctuation fluent fluid flush flush flutter flux fly fly foam focus fog fold folk follow follow follower following fond food fool foolish foot football footpath footstep for forbid force fore forecast forehead foreign foreign foreigner foremost foresee forest forever forge forget forgive fork form formal formal formation former formerly formidable formula formulate formulation forsake fort forth forthcoming fortnight fortress fortunate fortunately fortune forty forum forward forward fossil foster foul found foundation fountain four fourteen fourth fowl fox fraction fraction fracture fragile fragment fragrant frail frame framework framework frank free freedom freely freeze freight freight frequency frequency frequent frequent frequently fresh freshen fret friction friction fridge friend friendly friendship fright frighten frightful fringe fro frock frog from front frontier frost frown fruit fruitful frustrate fry fuel fulfil full fun function fund fundamental funeral funny fur furious furious furnace furnish furniture further further furthermore fury fuse fuss future
        53. g
        54. gain gallery gallon gamble game gang gangster gap gap garage garage garbage garden gardener garlic garment gas gaseous gasoline gasp gate gather gather gathering gauge gay gaze gear general generalization generalize generally generate generate generation generator generosity generous genius gentle gentleman gently genuine geographical geography geology geometrical geometry germ germ gesture gesture get ghost giant gift gigantic ginger girl give glad glance glare glass gleam glide glider glimpse glitter global globe gloomy glorify glorious glory glossary glove glow glue glue gnaw go goal goat god goddess gold golden golf good goodbye goodness goodness goods goose gorgeous gorilla gossip govern govern government governor gown grab grace graceful gracious gracious grade gradient gradual gradually graduate grain grammar grammatical gramme gramophone grand granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandson granite grant grant grape graph graphite grasp grass grasshopper grassy grateful grateful gratitude grave gravel gravity gray graze GREase GREat GREatly GREed GREedy GREen GREenhouse GREet GREeting GREy grief grieve grim grin grind grind grip groan grocer grocery groove grope gross gross ground group grove grow growl growth grumble grunt guarantee guard guess guest guidance guide guilt guilty guitar gulf gum gun gunpowder gust gutter gymnasium
        55. h
        56. habit habitual hail hair haircut half hall halt halve ham hamburger hammer hamper hand handbook handful handicap handkerchief handle handout handsome handwriting handy handy hang happen happiness happy harbour harbour hard hard harden hardly hardship hardware hardy hare harm harmful harmonious harmony harness harp harsh harsh harvest haste hasten hasty hat hatch hatch hate hateful hatred haughty haul haunt have hawk hay hazard hazard he head head headache heading heading headline headlong headmaster headquarters headquarters heal health healthy heap hear heart hearth hearty heat heater heating heave heaven heaven heavily heavy hedge heel height heighten heir helicopter hell hello helmet help helpful helpless hemisphere hen hence henceforth her herald herb herd herd here hero heroic heroine hers herself hesitate hesitate hi hide hide high highly highway hike hill hillside him himself hindrance hinge hint hip hire his hiss historian historic historical history hit hit hitherto hoarse hobby hoe hoist hold hole holiday hollow hollow holy home homely homogeneous honest honesty honey honeymoon honour honourable hook hook hop hope hopeful hopeless horizon horizon horizontal horn horn horror horse horsepower hose hospital hospitality host hostage hostess hostess hostile hostile hot hotel hound hour house house household housewife hover how however howl hug huge hull hum human humanitarian humanity humble humid humidity humorous humour hundred hunger hungry hunt hurl hurrah hurricane hurry hurt hurt husband hush hut hydraulic hydrocarbon hydrogen hymn hypothesis
        57. i
        58. i.e. ice-cream ice ice icy idea ideal idealism ideally identical identical identification identify idiom idiot idle idleness if ignite ignorance ignorant ignore ill illegal illiterate illness illuminate illusion illustrate illustration image imaginary imagination imagine imitate imitation immediate immediately immense immerse immigrant immigrate immortal impact impart impartial impatient implement implication implore imply import importance important impose impose impossible impress impress impression impressive imprison improper improve improvement impulse impurity in inaccessible inaccurate inadequate inasmuch inaugurate incapable incense inch incidence incident incidentally inclination incline incline include inclusive income incompatible incomplete incorporate incorrect increase increasingly incredible indeed indefinite indefinite independence independent index indicate indication indicative indifferent indignant indignation indirect indispensable indispensable individual individual indoor indoors induce induction indulge industrial industrialize industrious industry inefficient inertia inevitable inevitably inexpensive infant infect infect infectious infer infer inference inferior inferior infinite infinite infinitely infinity inflation influence influence influential inform information ingenious ingenuity inGREdient inhabit inhabitant inherent inherit initial initial initially initiate initiative inject injection injure injury ink inland inlet inn inner innocent innovation innumerable inorganic input input inquire inquiry insect insert insert inside insight insignificant insist insistent inspect inspection inspector inspiration inspire instability install installation installment instance instant instantaneous instantly instead instinct institute institution instruct instruction instructor instrument instrumental insufficient insulate insulator insult insurance insure intake integral integrate integrity intellect intellectual intelligence intelligent intend intense intensity intensive intent intention intentional interact interaction interconnect intercourse interest interesting interface interfere interference interior interior intermediate intermediate internal international interpret interpret interpretation interpreter interrupt interruption interval intervene interview interview intimate into intonation introduce introduce introduction invade invalid invariably invasion invent invention inventor inversely invest investigate investigation investment invisible invitation invite invoice involve inward ion iron irregular irregularity irrespective irrigation irritate island isolate issue it item its itself ivory
        59. j
        60. jack jacket jail jam jam jam jar jaw jazz jealous jealousy jean jelly jerk jet jewel jewellery jewish jingle job jog join joint joke jolly journal journalist journey joy joyful judge judgement jug juice jump junction jungle jungle junior junior jury just justice justify
        61. k
        62. keen keep keeper kernel kettle key keyboard kick kid kidnap kidney kill kilogram kilometer kilowatt kind kind kindle kindness kinetic king kingdom kiss kit kitchen kite knee kneel knife knight knit knob knock knot know knowledge
        63. l
        64. lab label laboratory labour lace lace lack ladder lady lag lake lamb lame lamp land landing landlady landlord landscape lane language lantern lap large largely largely laser last last late late lately latent later lathe latitude latter lattice laugh laughter launch laundry laundry lavatory law lawn lawyer lay layer layout lazy lead lead leader leadership leading leaf leaflet league leak leakage lean leap learn learned learning lease least leather leave lecture left leg legal legend legislation leisure lemon lend length length lengthen lens leopard less lessen lessen lesson lest let letter level lever lever liability liable liable liar liberal liberate liberation liberty librarian library license lick lid lie lie lieutenant life lifetime lift light light lighten lighter lightly lightning like like likelihood likely likeness likewise lily limb limb lime limestone limit limitation limited limp line line linear linen liner liner linger lining link lion lip lipstick liquid liquor list listen listener liter literal literally literary literary literature litter little live lively liver living-room living load loaf loan lobby local locality locate location location lock locomotive locomotive locust lodge lodging lofty log log logic logical lonely long long longing longitude look loop loose loosely loosen loosen lord lorry lose loss lot loud loudspeaker lounge love lovely lover low lower loyal loyalty lubricate luck lucky luggage lumber luminous lump lump lunar lunch luncheon lung luxurious luxury
        65. m
        66. machine mad madam magazine magic magician magistrate magnet magnet magnetic magnetism magnificent magnify magnitude maid maid maiden mail main main mainland mainly maintain maintenance maintenance majesty major majority make makeup male malice mammal man manage management manager manifest manipulate mankind manly manner mansion manual manufacture manufacturer manuscript many map maple marble march march margin margin marginal marine mark market market marriage married marry marsh marshal martyr marvel marvelous masculine mask mass massacre massive mast master masterpiece mat match match mate material materialism mathematical mathematics maths matter mature mature maximum may may maybe mayor me meadow meal mean mean mean meaning means meantime meanwhile measurable measure measurement measurement meat mechanic mechanical mechanically mechanics mechanics mechanism medal medical medicine meditate medium meet meeting melancholy melody melon melt member membership memorial memory menace mend mend mental mention menu merchandise merchant merciful mercury mercury mercury mercy mere merely merit merit merry mesh mess mess message message messenger metal metallic metallurgy meter method metre metric metropolitan microcomputer microphone microprocessor microscope microscopic microwave midday middle midnight midst might might mighty migrate mild mild mile military milk milky mill millimetre million millionaire mind mine mine miner mineral mingle miniature minimize minimum minister ministry minor minority mint mint minus minute minute miracle mirror mirror miser miserable misery misfortune mishief mislead miss miss missile missing mission missionary mist mist mistake mister mistress mistress misunderstand mitten mix mixer mixture moan mob mobile mobilize mock mode model moderate moderately modern modest modesty modification modify modulate module moist moisture molecular molecule moment momentary monarch money monitor monk monkey monopoly monster monstrous month monthly monument mood moon moor mop moral morality more moreover morning mortal mortgage mosque mosquito moss most mostly motel mother motion motivate motive motive motor motorway mould mount mount mountain mountainous mourn mouse mouth mouthful move move movement movie much mud muddy mug multiple multiplication multiply multitude municipal murder murderer murmur muscle muscular muse museum mushroom music musical musician must mustard mute mute mutter mutton mutual my myself mysterious mystery mystery
        67. n
        68. nail naked name namely nap napkin narration narrow nasty nation national nationality native natural naturally nature naughty naval navigation navy near nearby nearly neat necessarily necessary necessity neck necklace need needle needless negative negative neglect negligible negotiate neighbour neighbourhood neighbouring neither nephew nerve nervous nest nest net net network network neutral neutron never nevertheless new newly news newspaper next nice nice nickel nickname niece night nightmare nine nineteen ninety ninth nitrogen no noble nobody nod noise noisy nominate none nonsense noon nor norm normal normalization normally north northeast northern northward(s) northwest nose nose not notable note notebook noted nothing notice noticeable notify notion notorious notwithstanding nought noun nourish nourishment novel novel novelty now nowadays nowhere nuclear nucleus nucleus nuisance number number numerical numerous nun nurse nursery nursery nut nut nylon
        69. o
        70. o'clock oak oar oar oath obedience obedient obey object object objection objective objective obligation oblige oblige obscure observation observation observe observe observer obstacle obstinate obtain obvious obviously occasion occasional occasionally occupation occupy occur occurrence occurrence ocean odd odour of off offence offend offensive offer offer office officer official offset offspring often oh ohm oil okay old olive omit on once one oneself onion only onto onward(s) opaque open opening opera operate operation operation operational operator opinion opium opponent opportunity oppose opposite oppress optical optical optimism optimistic optimum option option optional or oral orange orbit orchard orchestra orchestra order orderly ordinarily ordinary ore organ organic organism organization organize orient oriental orientation origin original originate ornament ornament ornamental orphan other otherwise otherwise ought ought ounce our ours ourselves out outbreak outcome outcome outdoor outdoors outer outermost outlaw outlet outlet outline outline outlook output outset outside outside outskirt outstanding outward outwards oval oven over over overall overall overcoat overcome overestimate overflow overhang overhead overhear overlap overload overlook overlook overnight overseas overseas overtake overtake overthrow overtime overwhelm overwhelming owe owl own owner ownership ox oxide oxidize oyster
        71. p
        72. pace pace pack package packet pad page pail pain painful paint painter painting pair pal palace pale palm pamphlet pan panda pane panel panel panic pant pant panther pantry pants paper paper parachute parade parade paradise paragraph paragraph parallel paralyse parameter parcel pardon parent park parliament part partial partially participant participate participate particle particular particular particularly partition partly partner party pass passage passenger passion passive passport passport past paste pastime pasture patch patent path pathetic patience patient patriot patriotic patrol patron pattern pattern pause pave pavement paw pay payment pea peace peaceful peach peacock peak peak pear pearl peasant pebble peck peculiar peculiarity pedal pedestrian pedlar peel peel peep peer pen penalty pencil pendulum penetrate penetration peninsula penny pension people pepper per perceive percent percentage perception perch perfect perfect perfection perfectly perform performance perfume perhaps peril perimeter period periodic periodical peripheral perish permanent permanently permission permit perpendicular perpetual perplex persecute persevere persist persist persistence person personal personality personnel personnel perspective persuade persuasion pertinent pessimistic pest pet petition petrol petroleum petty phase phenomenon philosopher philosophy phone photoelectric photograph photographic photography phrase physical physically physician physicist physics piano pick pick pickle picnic picture pie piece pier pierce pierce pig pigeon pile pilgrim pill pillar pillow pilot pin pinch pine pineapple pink pint pioneer pious pipe pipe pipeline pirate pistol piston pit pitch pitch pitch pity place plague plain plain plan plane planet plant plantation plaster plastic plastic plate plateau platform platform play player playground plea plead pleasant please pleasure pledge plentiful plenty plot plough pluck pluck plug plump plunder plunge plural plus pneumatic pocket poem poet poetry point poison poisonous poke polar polarity pole pole police policeman policy polish polite political politician politics politics poll pollute pollution polymer pond ponder pool pool poor pop pop pop pope popular popularity population porcelain porch pore pork porridge port portable portable porter portion portrait pose position position positive positive positively possess possession possibility possibility possible possibly post post post postage postal postman postpone postulate pot potato potential poultry pound pound pour poverty powder power powerful practicable practical practically practice practise prairie praise pray prayer preach precaution precede preceding precious precise precision predecessor predict prediction predominant preface prefer preferable preference pregnant prejudice prejudice preliminary premier preparation prepare preposition prescribe prescription presence present present present presentation presently preservation preserve preset preside president press press pressure pressure prestige presumably presume pretend pretty prevail prevalent prevent prevention previous previously prey price prick pride priest primarily primary prime primitive primitive prince princess principal principally principle print printer prior priority prism prison prisoner private privilege prize probability probable probably probe problem procedure proceed proceeding process procession proclaim produce producer product production productive productive productivity profession professional professor proficiency proficient profit profitable profound program program proGREss proGREssive prohibit prohibition project projector prolong prominent promise promising promote promotion prompt promptly pronoun pronounce pronunciation proof propaganda propagate propagation propel propeller proper proper properly property prophecy prophet proportion proportional proposal propose proposition propulsion prose prospect prosperity prosperous protect protection protective protein protest proton prototype proud prove proverb provide provided province province provision provision provoke prudent psychological psychology public publication publish pudding puff puff pull pulley pulse pump pumpkin punch punch punch punctual punish punishment pupil pupil puppet puppy purchase pure purely purify purify purity purple purpose purse pursue pursuit push put puzzle pyjamas
        73. q
        74. qualification qualify qualify qualitative quality quantify quantitative quantity quarrel quart quarter quarterly quarterly quartz queen queer quench quest question question questionable questionnaire queue quick quicken quickly quiet quilt quit quite quiver quiz quotation quote
        75. r
        76. rabbit race race racial rack rack racket radar radial radiant radiate radiation radiator radical radio radioactive radioactivity radish radium radius radius rag rage raid rail railroad railway rain rainbow rainy raise raise raisin rake rally ramble ranch random range range rank rap rapid rapidity rapidly rapture rare rarely rascal rash rat rate rate rather ratio rational rational rattle raw ray razor reach react reaction reactor read reader readily reading ready real realistic reality realization realize really realm reap rear rear rear reason reason reasonable rebel rebellion rebuke recall receipt receive receiver receiver recent recently reception recipe reciprocal recite reckless reckon reclaim recognition recognition recognize recollect recommend recommendation recommendation reconcile record recorder recover recovery recreation rectangle rectify red reduce reduction reed reed reef reel reel refer referee reference reference refine refinery reflect reflection reflexion reform refrain refresh refreshment refreshment refrigerator refuge refugee refusal refuse refute regard regarding regardless regenerative regime regiment region register reGREt regular regularity regularly regulate regulate regulation regulation rehearsal reign reign rein reinforce reject reject rejoice relate relation relationship relative relatively relativity relax relay release relevant reliability reliable reliance relief relieve religion religion religious reluctant rely remain remainder remains remark remarkable remedy remember remind remote removal remove render renew rent repair repay repeal repeat repeatedly repel repent repetition replace replace replacement reply report report reporter represent representation representative representative reproach reproduce reproduce reproduction reptile republic republican reputation request require requirement requisite rescue research researcher resemblance resemble resent reservation reserve reserve reservior reside residence resident resident residual resign resign resignation resignation resist resistance resistant resolute resolution resolve resort resource respect respectable respectful respective respectively respond response response responsibility responsible responsible rest rest restaurant restless restore restrain restrain restraint restrict restriction result resultant resume resume retail retain retard retell retire retirement retort retreat return reveal reveal revenge revenue reverse reverse review revise revive revolt revolution revolutionary revolve reward rhythm rib ribbon rice rich rid riddle ride rider ridge ridicule ridiculous rifle right rigid rigorous rim ring ring rinse riot rip ripe ripen ripple rise risk rival river road roam roar roast rob robber robbery robe robot rock rock rocket rod role roll roller roller romance romantic romantic roof room rooster root rope rose rot rotary rotate rotate rotation rotten rough roughly round roundabout rouse route routine routine row row row royal royalty rub rubber rubbish ruby rude rug ruin rule rule ruler rumour run runner rural rush rust rusty ruthless
        77. s
        78. sack sacred sacrifice sad saddle sadly sadness safe safe safeguard safely safety sail sailor saint sake salad salary sale salesman salmon salt salute salute same sample sand sandwich sandwich sandy sardine satellite satellite satisfaction satisfaction satisfactorily satisfactory satisfy saturation sauce saucer sausage save saving saw say scale scale scan scan scandal scar scar scarce scarcely scarcity scare scarf scarlet scatter scene scenery scent schedule scheme scheme scholar scholarship scholarship school science scientific scientist scissors scoff scold scope scope scorch score scorn scout scout scramble scrap scrape scratch scratch scream screen screw scripture scrub sculpture sea seal seal seam seaman seaport seaport search seaside season seat second-hand second second second secondary secondly secret secretary section section secure security see seed seek seem seemingly segment seize seldom select selection selection self selfish sell seller semester semiconductor senate senator send senior sensation sense senseless sensible sensible sensitive sensitivity sensor sentence sentiment separate separately separation sequence sequence series serious seriously sermon serpent servant serve service session set set setting settle settlement settlement seven seventeen seventh seventy several severe severe severely sew sex shabby shade shade shadow shadowy shady shady shaft shake shall shallow sham shame shame shameful shampoo shape share shark sharp sharpen sharply sharply shatter shave she shear shed shed sheep sheer sheet shelf shell shell shelter shepherd sheriff shield shift shilling shine ship shipbuilding shipment shipwreck shirt shiver shock shoe shoot shop shopkeeper shopping shore short shortage shortage shortcoming shortcut shorten shorthand shortly shot should should shoulder shoulder shout shove shovel show shower shower shriek shrill shrimp shrine shrink shrub shrug shut shutter shuttle shy sick sickness side sideways sideways siege sift sigh sight sight sightseeing sign sign signal signature significance significant significant signify silence silent silicon silk silly silver similar similarity similarly simple simple simplicity simplicity simplify simply simultaneous sin since sincere sincerity sing singer single singular singular sink sink sir siren sister sit site sitting-room situated situation situation six sixteen sixth sixty size skate skeleton sketch ski skill skilled skillful skim skin skip skirt sky skyscraper slack slam slander slang slap slaughter slave slave slavery sleep sleepy sleeve slender slice slide slide slight slightly slim slip slipper slippery slit slit slogan slope slow slowly slum slumber sly small smart smart smash smell smile smog smoke smooth smoothly smuggle snack snail snake snap sneer sneeze sniff snob snobbish snore snow snowstorm snowy so-called so soak soap sob sober soccer social socialism socialist society sociology sock soda sodium sofa soft soften softly softness software soil soil solar solar soldier sole sole solely solemn solid solidarity solidify solo soluble solution solve some somebody somehow someone something sometime sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon sophisticated sophisticated sore sorrow sorrowful sorry sort soul sound sound soup sour source south southeast southern southwards southwest souvenir sovereign sow soy space spacecraft spaceship spacious spade span span spare spark sparkle sparrow spatial speak speaker spear special specialist speciality specialize specialize specially species specific specification specify specimen specimen spectacle spectacle spectator spectrum speculate speech speed spell spelling spend sphere spherical spice spider spill spill spin spiral spirit spiritual spit spite splash splash splendid split split spoil spokesman sponge sponsor spontaneous spoon sport sportsman spot spray spread spring spring springtime sprinkle spur spy square squash squat squeeze squeeze squirrel stab stability stability stable stable stack stadium staff stage stagger stain stainless stair staircase stairway stake stale stalk stall stammer stamp stand standard standardize standpoint star stare start start startle starve state state statement statesman static station stationery statistical statistics statue status stay steadily steady steady steak steal steal steam steamer steel steep steer stem stem step stereo stern stern stew steward stewardess stick sticky stiff stiff stiffen stiffness still stillness stimulate sting sting stir stitch stitch stock stocking stomach stone stone stony stool stoop stop storage storage store storey storm storm stormy story stout stove straight straighten straightforward strain strait strange strange stranger strap strategy straw strawberry stray stream streamline street strength strength strengthen stress stretch strict strictly stride strife strike striking string strip strip stripe strive stroke stroke stroll strong strongly structural structure struggle stubborn student studio study stuff stuffy stumble stupid sturdy style subdivide subdue subject subject submarine submerge submit subordinate subscribe subscript subscription subsequent subsequent subsequently subsidiary substance substance substantial substantial substitute subtle subtract suburb subway succeed success successful successfully succession succession successive successor such suck sudden suddenly suffer suffice sufficient sufficiently sugar suggest suggestion suicide suit suit suitable suitcase sullen sulphur sum summarize summary summary summer summit summon sun sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine super superb superficial superficial superior superiority supermarket supersonic superstition supervise supper supplement supplement supply support support suppose suppress supreme sure surely surface surgeon surgery surname surpass surplus surprise surprising surprisingly surrender surround surroundings survey survival survive suspect suspend suspicion suspicious sustain swallow swallow swamp swan swarm sway swear sweat sweater sweep sweet sweeten sweetness swell swell swift swim swing switch switch sword symbol symmetrical symmetry sympathetic sympathize sympathy symphony symposium symptom synthesis synthetic system systematic(al) systematic systematically
        79. t
        80. table tablet tabulate tack tackle tact tactics tag tail tailor take tale talent talk tall tame tan tangle tank tanker tap tap tape tape taper tar target task taste tax taxi tea teach teacher teaching team team tear tear tease technical technician technique technology tedious teenager telegram telegraph telephone telescope television telex tell temper temperature temple temporary tempt tempt temptation ten tenant tend tend tendency tender tennis tense tense tensile tent tenth term terminal terminal terminate terminology terrace terrible terrific terrify territory terror terrorist test testify text textbook textile than thank that the theatre theatre theft their theirs them theme themselves then theorem theoretical theory theory there thereafter thereby therefore therein thereof thermal thermometer these thesis they thick thicken thickness thief thigh thin thing think third thirdly thirst thirsty thirteen thirty this thorn thorough thorough those though thought thoughtful thoughtless thousand thrash thread threat threaten three thresh threshold thrifty thrill thrill thrive throat throne throng through through throughout throw thrust thumb thunder thus tick ticket ticket tickle tide tidy tie tiger tight tighten tightly tile till tilt timber time timely timetable timid tin tiny tip tip tire tired tiresome tissue title to toad toast toast tobacco today toe together toilet token tolerance tolerant tolerate tomato tomb tomorrow ton tone tone tongue tonight too tool tooth top topic torch torment torpedo torque torrent tortoise torture toss toss total touch tough tour tourist tow toward(s) towards towel tower tower town toy trace track track tractor trade trade trader tradesman tradition traditional traffic tragedy tragic trail train training traitor tram tramp tramp trample tranquil transaction transfer transform transform transformation transformer transistor transition translate translation transmission transmission transmit transparent transplant transport transportation transverse trap travel traverse tray tread treason treasure treasurer treat treatment treaty tree tremble tremendous trench trend trial triangle triangular tribe tribute trick trifle trifle trigger trim trip triumph triumphant trivial trolley troop troop tropic tropical tropical trot trouble troublesome troublesome trousers truck true truly trumpet trunk trust truth try tub tube tuberculosis tuck tug tuition tulip tumble tuna tune tunnel turbine turbulent turkey turn turning turnip turtle tutor tutor twelfth twelve twentieth twenty twice twilight twin twinkle twist twist two type typewriter typhoon typical typist tyranny tyrant tyre
        81. u
        82. ugly ultimate ultimate ultimately ultrasonic ultraviolet umbrella unable unanimous unbearable uncertain uncertain uncle uncomfortable unconscious uncover under underestimate undergo undergraduate underground underline underline underneath understand understanding undertake undertake undertaking undertaking underwear undesirable undo undoubtedly uneasy uneasy unemployment unexpected unfair unfit unfold unfortunate unfortunately unhappy uniform uniformly union unique unique unit unite unity universal universally universe university unjust unkind unknown unless unlike unlikely unlimited unload unlock unlucky unnecessary unpaid unpleasant unreasonable unsatisfactory unstable unsuitable untie until unusual unusually unwilling up-to-date up uphold upon upper upright uproar upset upside-down upstairs upward upwards uranium urge urge urgent us usage usage use used used useful useless user usual usually utensil utility utilization utilize utmost utter utter
        83. v
        84. vacant vacation vaccinate vacuum vague vain valid validity valley valuable valuable value value valve van vanish vanity vapour variable variation variety various vary vase vast vault vector vegetable vehicle veil veil vein velocity velocity velvet velvet vengeance ventilate venture verb verge verify versatile verse version version versus vertical very vessel vest veteran veto vex via vibrate vibration vice vice vicinity vicious victim victorious victory video video view viewpoint vigorous vigorous vigour villa village vine vine vinegar violate violation violence violent violent violet violin virgin virtual virtually virtue visa viscous visible vision vision visit visit visitor visual vital vital vitamin vitamin vivid vocabulary vocabulary vocation voice void volcano volleyball volt voltage volume voluntary volunteer vote vow vowel voyage vulgar
        85. w
        86. wade wag wage wage waggon waggon waist wait waiter waitress wake waken walk wall wallet walnut wander want war ward wardrobe ware warehouse warfare warm warmth warn warning warrant wash wasp waste wasteful watch watchful water waterfall waterproof watertight watery watt wave wavelength waver wax way way we weak weaken weakness wealth wealthy weapon wear weary weather weave weaver web wedding wedge weed week weekday weekend weekly weep weigh weight welcome weld welfare well-known well well west western westward wet whale wharf what what whatever wheat wheel when whenever where whereas whereby wherever whether which whichever while whilst whilst whip whirl whisker whisky whisper whisper whistle white white whitewash whitewash who whoever whoever whole wholesome wholly whom whose why wicked wide widely widely widen widespread widow width wield wife wild will willing willow win wind wind wind winding windmill window windy wine wing wink winner winter wipe wire wireless wisdom wisdom wise wish wit with withdraw wither within without withstand witness witty woe wolf woman wonder wonderful wood wooden woodpecker wool woollen word work worker workman workpiece workshop workshop world-wide world worm worry worse worship worship worst worth worthless worthwhile worthy would wound wrap wrath wreath wreck wrench wrestle wretched wring wrinkle wrist write writer writing wrong
        87. y
        88. yacht yard yard yawn year yearly yearn yeast yell yellow yes yesterday yet yield yoke yolk you young youngster your yours yourself youth youthful
        89. z
        90. zeal zealous zebra zero zinc zone zoo


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