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        Bible Bill
        Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricon
        a last resort abandon abbreviation abnormal abolish aboriginal abort abortion abound above reproach abrasion abridge abrupt absorb abstract absurd abundance abuse academic accelerate access to access accessory acclaim accommodate accommodation accompany accord account for account accountable for accountant accumulate accuse accuser achieve acid acknowledge acquaint acquire acquisition activate acute adapt addict address adept adhere adjacent adjoin adjust administer administration admission adolescence adopt adore advent adverse advertise advocate aerial aesthetic affect affection affiliate affirm affix afflict afford agency agenda agGREgate agGREssive agitation agony aGREeable aGREement air conditioning air airing aisle alarm album alien alienate all along all in all all out all the same to all the time all told all allege allegiance alleviate alliance allocate allot allowance alloy ally alone alongside alphabetical alter alternate alternative altitude amateur amaze ambassador ambiguity ambiguous ambitious ambulance amend amends amid amidst ammunition amount amphibian ample amplify amuse analogy analytical ancestor anchor anecdote annihilate anniversary annoy annual annuity anonymous antagonism antarctic anthem anthology anthropology antibiotic anticipate anticipation antique antonym anxiety anyhow apologetic apparatus apparent appeal appendix appetite applaud appliance applicant apply oneself to sth apply appointment appraisal appreciable appreciate apprentice approach appropriate approval approximate apt aptitude aquarium aquatic arbitrary arc arch archaic architect archives ardent arduous arena argue arise armour arouse array arrogant article articulate artificial artillery as for as much as opposed to as well as yet as yet as ascend ascent ascertain ascribe ashamed aspiration aspire aspirin assassination assault assemble assert assess asset assign associate assorted assume assumption assurance assure astound astronomy asylum at a loose end at a stroke at all times at all at fault at full blast at full tilt at once at the mercy of at the outset at the same time at times athlete atlas attach attack attain attempt attend attendance attendant attorney attractive attribute au pair auction audible audience audit auditorium augment authentic authoritative authority authorize automatic automation automobile autonomy auxiliary avail available avalanche avert aviation avoid aware awful awkward axis
        bachelor back sb up back backward bacon bacterium badge badminton baffle baggage bait bake balance balcony bald ballet ballot bamboo ban band bandage bang banish bankrupt banner banquet bar barbecue bare barely bargain bark barn barometer barrel barren barricade barrier barter baseball basement batch bathe batter battery bay be a credit to sb be all set be at odds over sth be at odds with sb be bent on be better off be carried away be hard to say be in two minds about sth be nothing to be obsessed by be on to be set on sth be the making of bead beam bear sth in mind bear sth or sb out bear up sth bear with sb bear bearing beat about the bush beat sb off beat beautician become of become beforehand behalf behave behind the times behind time belly beloved bend beneficial benefit bent berth beset best bet betray better beverage bewilder bias bibliography bid bilateral bilingual bind biography bite bitter bitumen bizarre blame blank cheque blast blaze bleach bleak bleed blend bless blink bloc block blonde bloom blossom blot blunder blunt blur blush board boarding card boarding school boast boil down to bold bolt bond bonus book bookcase bookkeeper bookstall boom boost booth border on border bore bother bounce bound boundary bounty bouquet boutique bowel boycott brace brake brand brashness breach break a person's heart break away from break down break off sth break breakdown breakthrough breed breeze brew bribe briefcase brilliant bring about bring back bring forward bring in bring sb to do sth bring sth in mind bring up bring brink brisk brochure bronze brood browse bruise brutal bubble buck bucket buckle bud budget buffet bug bulb bulge bulk bull bulletin bully bump bumper bunch bundle bungalow buoyant bureaucracy burgeon burial burrow business bust bustle butcher butterfly buzz bypass
        cabin cabinet cable cafe cafeteria calamity calcium calendar call for call it a day call sb up call sth off call calorie campaign campus canal cancel candidate cane cannon canteen canvas capacity cape capital capsule caption captive capture carcase cardinal carpenter carrier carrot carry on carry through carry cart carton cartoon carve cash crop cash in on cash register cash cashier cassette cast off cast sb aside cast casual casualty catalogue catalyst catastrophe catch on catch sb up catch catching category cater catholic caustic caution cautious cavity cease cellar cement cemetery censor census centenary ceramic cereal ceremony certainty certificate certify challenge chamber champagne champion change hands chant chaos chapel characterize charge charity charm chart charter chase chasm chaste chat check in check out check checkup cheer cherish chew chic chief chill chin chip chisel choir choke chord chore chorus chronic chronological chunk circuit circulate circumference circumstance circus cite civic civilian claim clamp clan clarify clarity clash clasp classic classical classify clear away clear out clear the air clear up clear clearance cliche click client climax cling clinic clip clockwise closet clue clumsy cluster clutch coach coalition coarse cocaine code coed coeducation cognitive coherent coil coin coincide coincidence collaboration collapse collide collision colonial colony colossal column combat combine combustible come about come across sb come along come apart come down come of come on come out come over sb come round come sth to light come to nothing come to nought come to sb come to terms with sb come to terms with sth come up against come up to come up with come up come upon come comedy comet comic commemorate commence commend comment commentary commercial commission commit oneself commit commitment committee commodity commonplace commotion communication commute commuter compact company comparable compare compartment compass compatible compel compensate compensation competence competition competitive compile complement complex complexion compliance complicated complication compliment component compose composite compound compress comprise compromise compulsory compute conceal concede conceive concentrate conception concern concerted concession concise concoct concrete condemn condense condition condolence confer confess confidence confident confidential configuration confine confirm conflict conform confront confuse confusion congestion conGREss congruent conjunction conquer conquest conscience conscientious conscious consecutive consensus consent consequent conservation conservative conservatory conserve considerable considerate consign consist in consist of consist console consolidate conspicuous conspiracy constant constituent constitute constitution constrain constrict consult consumer consumption contaminate contemplate contemporary contempt contend content contention contest context contingency continuity contract contradict contradiction contrast contribute contribution contrive controversial controversy convene convenience convention converge conversely convert convey convict conviction convince cooperate coordinate cordial cork corporate corporation corps correlate correspond correspondence correspondent corresponding corrode corrupt cosmic cosmopolitan costume cosy couch counsel counter counterbalance counterfeit counterpart coupon courier courtesy coverage coward crack cradle craft crash crater crawl crease create creation credentials credible credit creep cricket criminal cripple crisis crisp criterion critical crooked crouch crown crucial crude cruise crumb crumble crumple crush crust crystal cube cucumber cue culminate in culminate cultivate cumbersome cumulative cunning cupboard curb cure curl currency current curriculum vitae curriculum curse curtail curve cushion custodian custom customary cut across sth cut corners cut sth down cut cute cutting cylinder
        dairy dam damp dart dash database date dawn day in, day out day dazzle dead beat deadlock deadly deaf dean dearth debris decade decay deceive decent decipher deck declaration declare decline decompose decorate decrease decree decrepit dedicate dedicated deduce deduct deem default defeat defect defence defendant defer defiance deficiency deficit defile definitive deflate deflect defraud deft defy degenerate degrade delectable delegate delete deliberate delicate delicious delinquency delirium deliver delude deluge democracy demolish demonstrate denial denomination denote dense dentist deny depart depict deplete depletion deplore deposit depress depression deprive deputy derelict derive descend descent description desert deserve design designate desirable desolate despair desperate despise destination destine destiny destructive detach detain detect detective deter detergent deteriorate determination detest detriment detrimental devastate devastating deviate devise devote devour diagnose diagram dialect diameter dictate diet differ differentiate diffuse digest digital dignity dilapidated dilate dilemma diligent dilute dim dimension diminish din dine dingy dip diploma diplomat diplomatic disable disarray disaster disc discard discern discharge discipline disclose discord discount discreet discrepancy discrete discriminate disdain disguise disgust dismay dismiss disorder dispatch dispel disperse displace dispose disposition dispute disregard disrupt dissertation dissipate dissolve distend distil distinct distinction distinguish distort distract distraction distress distribute disturb disturbance ditch diverse diversion divert dividend dizzy do away with do one's best do sb a favour do sth in bad faith do sth in good faith do sth with a bad grace do sth with a good grace do with do without dock doctrine dodge dole domain dome domestic dominant dominate donation doom dormant dose dot doubtful doubtless downpour downtown doze draft drainage dramatic drastic drawback dread dreadful dreary drench drift drill drought drown drowse drudgery dual dub dubious due dull duly dumb dump duplicate durable dwarf dwindle dynamic
        earnest ease eccentric echo eclipse ecology economic economical economics economy eddy edge edible edit edition editorial efficient ego eject eke out elaborate elapse elastic elated elbow elderly electrical electrician electronic electronics elegant elementary elevate elevator elicit eligible eliminate elite eloquent elsewhere embargo embark embarrass embassy embed embody emerge emergency emigrate eminent emit emotion emphasize empirical employment enclose enclosure encounter encyclopedia end up end endeavour endorse endow endurance energetic engage engagement engrave engross enhance enlighten enormous enquire enquiry enrich enroll enrolment ensemble ensue entail entangle enterprise entertainment enthusiasm enthusiastic entitle entity entreat entrepreneur entry envisage envy enzyme ephemeral epidemic episode epoch equal equation equator equilibrium equitable equity equivalent equivocal eradicate erase erect erosion errand erratic erroneous erupt escalate escalator essay essence essential establish estate esteem estimate eternal ethnic etiquette evacuate evade evaluate evaporate even eventually everlasting evict evoke evolution exacerbate exaggerate exasperate excavate exceed excel exceptional excerpt excess exchange exclaim exclude exclusive exclusively excrement excursion execute execution executive exemplify exempt exert exhaust exhilarate exhort exile exorbitant exotic expand expedient expel expend expenditure expertise expire explicit explode exploit explore explosive export expose exposition expulsion exquisite extend extent exterior exterminate external extinct extinguish extort extra extract extreme exuberant eye
        fabric fabricate fabulous face up to sth face facet facilitate facility factor faculty fade faint fake fall back on fall back fall behind with fall behind fall short of fall fallacy fallible falter fame familiar famine fanatic fancy fantastic fantasy fare farewell fascinate fascinating fastidious fatal fatuous fault favour feasible feast feat feature federation fee feeble feedback feel for feel like feel fellowship female fend for oneself fend off fend ferocious fertile fervent fester festival fetch fetter feud fibre fickle fidelity fierce figure file filter filth finance find fault with find one's bearings finite first and foremost fist fit in with fit fitting fixture flabby flake flame flap flare flash flask flatter flaunt flavour flaw flee fleet fleeting flesh flexible flicker fling flip flirt float flock flour flourish flu fluctuate fluent fluff flush flutter flux flyover foam focus foil for good and all for my part for one thing for the most part for the sake of forecast foremost forerunner foresee forfeit forge forgive format formidable formula formulate fort forte forthcoming fortify fortnight forum foster foul fountain fraction fracture fragile fragment fragrance frail framework frantic fraud fraught freak freight fret friction fridge fringe from one's heart from the outset from time to time frontier frost frown frugal fruition frustrate fuel fulfil fume function fundamental funeral funnel furious furnace furnish fury fuse fusion fuss
        gaily galaxy gale gallery gamble gang gaol gape garbage garment gaudy gauge gaunt gear gene generalize generate generic generous genetic genial genius gentle genuine geology geometry germ gesture get along get at sb get away get by get credit for sth get down to business get down to sth get into get nowhere get nowhere get off get on get out get over sth get round sb get round sth get round to doing sth get somewhere get sth down get the better of sb get through sth get through get ghastly gigantic giggle gist give a hand give in to sb give oneself airs give oneself to give out give sb up give sth off give sth up give way to sb give way to sth give way give given glacier glamour gland glare gleam glide glimmer glimpse glitter global gloomy glorious gloss over gloss glossary glow glue go about go after sb go back go by the name of go by go down go far go for sb go in for sth go in go into go off sb go off go on about sth go out go over sth go round to a place go round go through sth go through go to sb for go up sth go up go with sb go with sth go without saying go without sth go goad good gorgeous gossip gown grab grace gracious gradual granary grand grant granular graph graphic grate gratitude gratuity grave gravel gravity graze GREase grid grief grieve grill grim grin grind grip grit groan grope gross growl grudge grumble guarantee guardian guideline guild gush gust guy gymnasium
        had better hail halt hand sth down to sb hand sth out hand sth over to sb hand handbook handicap handsome hang about hang on hang up hang haphazard harass harassment harbour hard hardware hardy harmony harness harsh haste hasty hatch haul haunt have an eye for have got to have one's hands full have one's say have the making of have the upper hand have to do with haven havoc hawk hazard hazardous headstrong heal heap hearing heart heave hectic hedge heighten heir helicopter hell hemisphere hence henceforth herb herd hereditary heritage hierarchy highlight hijack hike hilarious hinder hinge hint historian historic hit on hit hitchhike hitherto hobby hoist hold back hold off hold on to hold on hold one's ground hold out hold sb down hold sb to hold the line hold to sth hold holdall holocaust homestay homogeneous hop horizon horrible horticulture hose host hostage hostile hound hover howl hubbub huddle hug hum humanity humble humdrum humidity humiliate hurl hurricane hydrogen hygiene hypothesis hysterical
        ideal identical identification identify ideology idiom idiot idle ignite ignorance illiterate illuminate illusion illustrate imaginative imitate imitation immense immerse immigrant imminent immune impact impair impart impede imperative imperial impetus implicit impose imposing impressive impromptu improvise impulse in favour of in hand in line for in one's face in one in part in sb's favour in stock in the air in the end in the hands of in the light of in the main in time inapt inaugurate incentive incidence incidentally incipient incite inclination incline inclusive incongruous incorporate incredible increment incur indefinite indelible indemnity indicator indifferent indigenous indignant indispensable individual induce indulge inept inert inertia inevitable infant infect infectious inference inferior infest infinite infirmary inflation inflict influence influx infringe inGREdient inhabit inhabitant inherent inherit inhibit initial initiate initiative inject inland innocent innovation innumerable inquire insane insert insight insipid insolent insolvent inspection inspiration inspire inspiring instalment instantaneous instinct instrument instrumental insulate insult insurance insure intact integral integrate integrity intellect intellectual intelligible intense intensify intent interact interim interior intermediate intermittent interpret intersection interval intervene intimate intimidate intricate intrigue intrinsic intuition inundate invade invalid invaluable invariably inventory invert invest investigate invigilate invincible invisible invoice involve irony irrespective irritate isle isolate issue item itinerary ivory
        jagged jail jail jam janitor jealous jeer jeopardise jerk jog jolt journal journalist judicial jumble junction jungle junior junk justification justify juvenile
        keen keep an eye on keep at sth keep away from keep in with sb keep it up keep off keep on doing sth keep sb down keep sb on keep sb out of keep sb up keep sth from keep sth in mind keep sth on keep sth to oneself keep to sth keep to the beaten track keep kernel kidnap kidney kin kindle knit knob knot know better than
        laborious lace laden lag lamb lame lament landscape lane languid lap lapse lash latent later on lateral latitude laudable launch laundry lavish lawn lax lay bare lay down one's life lay sth aside lay sth bare lay sth on lay sth out layer layman layoff layout leaflet leak leap learn sth by heart learn sth the hard way lease leave for leave off leave sb alone leave sb behind leave sth out leave legal legend legislate legislation legitimate lenient let alone let oneself go let sb alone let sb down let sb in for let sth alone let lethal lever levy liability liable liaison liberal licence lick light likelihood likewise limb limp line up line linear linen liner linger liquor literacy literally literature litter live it up live on live through live up to sth live with sth live livestock loaf loan loath lobby locality lock locker lodge lodging lofty log logic loll longitude look about for sth look after sb look at sth look back on sth look for sb look forward to sth look in sb look into look on sb as look on sb look one's best look out for sb look over sth look round sth look round look sth up look to sb for sth loom loop lose face lose heart lose one's bearings loth lottery lounge loyal lubricate lucid lucrative ludicrous lull luminous lump lunar lure lurk luxury
        mackintosh madden magistrate magnanimous magnate magnetic magnificent magnify magnitude maim main maintain maintenance maize majestic majority make do with sth make ends meet make for sb make it up with sb make light of make off with sth make off make sb out to be make sb up make sb's day make sense make sth do make sth of make sth out make sth up make the best of a bad job make the most of make up for sth make making malignant mall malleable malnutrition maltreat mammal manacle mandate mandatory maneuver mania maniac manifest manifold manipulate mansion mantle manual manufacture manure manuscript mar marble march margin marine marital maritime marrow marsh martial martyr marvel marvelous masculine mask massacre massive masterpiece match maternal matrimony mature maximum meadow meaGRE mean means measure mechanism meddle mediate medieval mediocre meditate medium meek melancholy melodious melody memorandam menace mentality mercantile mercenary mercy merge into merge merit mesh mess metabolism metallic metaphor meteorology meticulous metric metropolitan microbe microcosm microfilm might mighty migrate mildew militant millenium mimic mind one's own business mind mingle with mingle minimal minimum minister minority minus minute miracle mirage mire misappropriate miscarriage mischance mischief misconceive misdeed miserable misery misfortune misgiving misguided mishap misrepresent missile mission mist misuse mitigate mobile mobilize mode moderate modest modify module moist molecule molest momentous momentum monarchy monetary monitor monologue monopoly monotonous monsoon monster monstrous moped morality morbid moreover mortal mortgage most motel motif motion motivate motto mould mount mourn moustache much as mucous muddle along muddle multilateral multiply multitude mundane municipal murmur muscular mushroom muster mutation mutual myriad myth mythology
        naked namely nap narcotic narrative nasty natal native nausea nautical naval navigable navigation neat necessitate negation negative neglect negligence negligible negotiable neurotic neutralize nevertheless nibble nicety nickel nightmare nil nitrogen nobility nominal nominate sb for nominate sb to nominate nominee norm nostalgia not at all not to say notable notary notation notch nothing to do with nothing notify notion notorious nought nourish nourishment novel novelty novice nowhere noxious nuance nucleus nuisance null and void null nullify numb numerate numerical numerous nursery nurture nylon
        oar oasis oath obedient object objection objective obligation obligatory oblige obliging oblique oblivious oblong obnoxious obscene obscure observance observatory observe obsess obsession obsolete obstinate obstruct obvious occasion occupy occur occurrence odd odds and ends odds odour odyssey off-hand offence offend offer offset offshore offspring omen ominous omit on account to on and off on and on on behalf of on board on condition that on edge on end on good terms with sb. on hand on no account on the air on time on time once in a while once more once oncoming one another one ongoing onlooker onset opaque open sb's eyes to opening opinion opponent opportunity oppose opposite opt optical optimism optimum option optional orbit orchard orchestra ordeal orderly ore organ organism oriental orientate oneself orientate origin original originate ornament orthodox oscillate ostensible ostentation oust out of line with out of stock outbreak outcast outcome outcry outdated outdo outfit outlaw outlet outline outlying output outrageous outright outset outskirts outspoken outstrip outweigh oval ovation overall overdue overflow overhaul overhear overlap overlook override overrun oversee overt overtake overthrow overture overwhelm overwrought owe ownership oxide
        pace off pace pacify pad paddle pageant pains painstaking palatable palm palpitate pamper pamphlet panel panic panorama pant pants parachute parade paradise paradox parallel paralyse paralysis paramount paranoia paraphernalia paraphrase parasite parliament parody partial participate particle partisan partition pass away pass for sb/sth pass off pass on pass over pass sb by pass sth back pass sth off pass sth on to pass the time of day with pass passion passive passport pastime pasture patch paternity pathetic pathos patio patriotism patrol patron pave pavement pay for pay off pay sb back for sth pay sth out pay up pay peculiar pedal pedestrian peel peer penalty pendulum penetrate pension perceptible perception percussion perennial performance perfume peril perimeter periodical periodically periphery periscope perish perishable permanent permeate through permeate permissible permit perpendicular perpetual perplex perplexity persecute persevere persist personal personality personnel perspective perspire pertain to pertain pertinent perturb pervade perverse pervert pessimism pester pesticide petal petition petroleum petty pharmaceutical pharmacy phase in phase out phase phenomenon phobia phonetic physician physiological physique pick on sb pick sb out pick sb up pick sth up pick picnic picturesque piecemeal pier pierce piety pigment pilgrim pillar pillow pilot pimple pin pinch pine for sth to do pine pinnacle pinpoint piracy piston pit pitch pivot placard placid plagiarize plague plaintive planetarium plank plankton plantation plaster plateau platform platitude plausible play for time play one's part plea plead against sb plead for sb plead guilty plead not guilty pledge pliable plight plot plough plug plumb plummet plunder plunge plus pointed pointless poise poke polar pole policy polish politic pollinate ponder ponderous porcelain porch pore porous port portable portfolio portion portray pose positive possession postage poster posterity postgraduate posthumous postmortem postpone postscript posture potent potential pottery poultry pounce pour poverty practicable practical practically practitioner pragmatic preach precarious precaution precedence precedent preceding precious precipice precipitate precise predecessor predictable predisposition predominant preface prejudice preliminary prelude premise premium prerogative prescribe prescription presence presentation preserve prestige prestigious presumably presumption pretentious pretext prevail prevalent previous prey primary prime primitive principal priority privacy privilege probation probe procedure proceed proceeding proclaim procure prodigious productive productivity profane professional proficiency profile profit profound profuse prohibit project prolific prologue prolong promise promising promote prompt prone propaganda propagate propel property prophecy proportion propose proposition propriety propulsion prosecute prospect prospective prospectus protein protest protocol prototype protract protrude provision provisional provoke proximity proxy pry into pry pseudonym psychiatry psychology publicity pull in pull oneself together pull out of pull over pull sb up pull sth down pull sth off pull through pull pulp pump punctual puncture pungent purge purity pursuit put an end to put aside put in for put in put off put sb down put sb through put sb up put sth across put sth away put sth back put sth down to sth put sth down put sth forward put sth on put sth out put up with sb put puzzle
        quaint qualification qualify qualitative quarry quarterly queer quench quest questionnaire quit quiver quota
        rack racket radar radiate radical radius raft rage ragged raid rail rally ramble rampant random range rarely ratio rational ravage rave raw readily realm reap rear reasonable reassure recall recede receipt reception recession recipe recipient reciprocal recital recite reckless reckon with sb reckon reclaim recline recommendation reconcile recover recruit rectangle rectify recycle redeem redundant reel reference referendum refine refrain from refrain refreshing refreshment refugee refund refusal regarding regardless regeneration register registrar regulate rehabilitate reign reimburse reinforce rejoice relapse relay release relentless relevant reliable relief relinquish reluctant rely remarkable remedy remind remittance remnant remorse renaissance rendezvous renovation renowned repatriate repel repent repertoire repetition represent reproach reptile reputation request rescue resemblance resemble resent reserve reservoir residence resign resignation resilience resolution resonant resort to resort resource respiration responsive restless restore restrain resume retail retain reticent retort retreat retrieve retrospect revelation revenge revenue reverent reverse review revise revolt revolve reward rhetoric rhetorical question rhythm ribbon ridge ridiculous rig righteous rigid rigorous rim riot rip ripple rise to the occasion ritual rival rivet roam roar roast robust role rot rotate rough rouse routine rub ruffle ruinous rule of thumb rumour rupture rural rust ruthless
        sabotage sack sacred sacrifice saddle safeguard sake saline salute salvage sanction sanity sarcasm saturate sauce savage save one's face say to oneself say scale down scale up scale scalpel scan scandal scant scapegoat scar scarcely scatter scenery scent sceptical scheme scholarship scissors scold scoop scorch score scorn scout scrap scrape scratch screw script scroll scrupulous scrutiny sculpture scum seal of seal up seal seam seclude secondary section sectional sector secular sediment see eye to eye with seemingly seep segment seGREgate seismic semblance sensible sensitive sentiment septic sequence series session set about sth set in set off set out set sth back set sth off set sth out set sth up set setback setting settle down to sth settle down settle for sth settle on sth settle sb in settle severe sewer shabby shaft shallow shamble shanty shatter shave shear shed light on shed sheer sheet shelter shepherd shield shift shimmer shiver shoal shock shovel shower shred shrewd shrink shrub shrug shutter shuttle sicken siege sieve sigh sightseeing sign signal signature signify similar simplify simulate simultaneous sincere single out single singular sink site situated skeleton sketch skim skip slab slack slag slam slander slap slate slaughter slender slide slight slim slip slippery slit slogan slope slot sluggish slum smart smash smooth smother smuggle snack snap at sb snap at sth snap out of it snap sth up snatch soak soar sober sociology soil solar sole solemn solidarity solitary solo soluble solution solvent somehow somewhat sophisticated sore sort sth out sort sound sour souvenir sovereign sow spacious span spare sparkle sparse spatial speak one's mind speciality specialize species specific specification specimen spectacle spectacular spectator spectrum speculate sphere spill spin spiral spiritual spit splash splendid split spoil spokesman sponsor spontaneous sporadic spotlight spouse sprawl spray spring sprint sprout spur square squeeze stabilize stack stadium staff stagger stagnant stain stake stale stall stand by sth stand by stand for sth stand in for sb stand in line stand off stand out stand up for sb stand standard standing staple starch startle starve statesman static stationary stationery statistics statue status statute steadfast steady steak steamer steep stem stereo stereotype sterilize sterling stern steward stick around stick at sth stick sth out stick to sb stick to sth stick up stick stiff stimulate stimulus sting stipulate stitch stock stoop storey straightforward strain strait strap strategic strengthen strenuous stress stretch stride striking string strip stripe strive stroke structural stubborn studio stuff stuffing stumble stuntman style subdue subject subjective submarine submerge submit subordinate subscribe subsequent subside subsidiary subsidy substantial substantiate substitute subtitle subtle subtract succession succinct succumb suck sufficient suitcase suite sulphur summary summit summon superb superficial superfluous superintend superior supersede supersonic superstition superstructure supervise supplementary supposedly supposition suppress supreme surcharge surge surgeon surgery surpass surplus surrender survey survival susceptible suspect suspend suspense suspension suspicious sustain sustenance swallow swamp swarm sway swear sweater sweep swell swerve swift swing swirl symbolize symmetry sympathetic symphony symposium symptom synchronize synonym synthesis synthetic systematic
        tablet taboo tacit tackle tactic tag take account of sth take after sb take away take heart from take off take one's time over sth take sb off take sb out take sb's part take sth apart take sth back take sth down take sth in take sth into account take sth off take sth on take sth out take sth over take sth up take sth upon oneself take stock of take to sb take to sth take talented tame tamper tangible tangle tap tar target tariff tarnish taxation tear tease technician tedious teem with teem telecommunication telex telling temper temperament temperate tempo temporary temptation tenable tenacious tenancy tendency tender tension tentacle tentative term terminal terrace terraced houses terrain terrestrial terrific terrify territorial territory terror terse testimony textile texture that is to say thaw the Conservative Party the accused the gist the other day the pick of the present day theft theme therapy thereby thermal thermometer thermostat thesaurus thesis thigh thirst thorough thoughtful threshold thrill thrive throat throbbing throng throughout thrust thumb thunder tick tide tidy tighten tile tilt timber time and again time timely timidity tinge tinge tissue title to one's face toast toddle toil token tolerable tolerance toll toneless tongue tonic torch tornado torrent torture toss touchy tough tourism tournament tow towel toxic trace track tract traction tragedy trail trait traitor tramp trample tranquility transaction transcend transcript transfer transfuse transGREss transistor transit transition translucent transmission transparent transplant transport trap trauma traverse treatise treatment treaty treble trek tremble tremendous trench trend trespass trial tributary trick trickle trifle trigger trim triple triumph trivial tropic troupe truant truce trumpet trunk trustworthy try one's hand at tube tuck tug tuition tumble tumour tumult tunnel turbulent turf turmoil turnover tutor tweezers twig twilight twinkle twist typhoon typical tyrannical tyre
        ugly ultimately ultimatum ultraviolet unanimous uncalled-for unconditional unconscious undercharge underestimate underline underlying undermine underneath undertake underwrite undo undoubtedly undue uneasy unemployment uneven unfold ungainly uniform unify unilateral unique universal unlikely unravel unrest untold up to one's eyes in up-to-date upbringing update upkeep upright uprising upset utility utmost utterly
        vacant vacation vacation vacuum vain validity valley valuation valve vanish vanity vanquish variable variant variation varied variety vegetarian vegetation vehement vehicle veil vein velocity venerate vengeance vent ventilate venture verbal verdict verge versatile versed version versus vertical vessel veteran veto vex via vibrate vice versa vice vicinity vicious vigilant vigorous vindicate violate violent virtually virtuous virus visible visualize vital vivid vocational vogue void volatile volcano voltage volume voluntary vomit voucher vow vulgar vulnerable
        wage wager waggon wail wander wane ward sth off ward warden wardrobe warehouse warranty wary waver wax weary weave web wedge weed weld welfare well-to-do whatever whereas whereby whilst whip whirl whistle wholesale wholesome wicked width wield wilderness wisdom wit withdraw wither withhold withstand witness word-processor wording worthwhile wrap wreathe wreck wrench wrestle wretched wrinkle wrought
        yacht yard yarn yawn yearn yield yoke
        zeal zest zoology


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