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        The remembrance of past sorrow is joyful.記住過去的不幸使人愉快.

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions.徒有良好的愿望而不去努力實現,后悔莫及.

        The rotten apple injuries its neighbours.一只死老鼠,弄贓粥一鍋. The sacrifice of time is the costliest of all sacrifices.損失時間是一切損失中代價最大的損失. The scalded cat fears cold water.一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩. The sea complains it wants water.大??偸潜г顾粔? The sea refuses no river.大海有能容之量. The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportumity when it comes.人生一生中成功的秘訣是在機會來臨時要及時抓住. The secret of success is constancy of purpose.成功的秘訣是目標堅定. The shortest answer is doing the thing.最簡短的回答就是干. The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.要想多做事情,最簡單的辦法是一次只做一件事. The sky is not less blue because the blind man does not see it.天不會因瞎子看不見而減其藍色. The sleeping fox catches no poultry.睡覺的狐貍抓不到雞鴨. The small courtesies sweeten life; the GREater ennoble it.有點禮貌使生活愉快,多點禮貌使生活高尚. The smiles of a pretty woman are the tears of the purse.美女的微笑就是錢包的淚水. The soul is not where it lives, but it loves.心靈不在它生活的地方,而在它所愛的地方. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.心有馀而力不足. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week."心有余而力不足。The still sow eats up all the draff.不聲不響的豬吃光全部的飼料. The style is the man.文如其人. The sun shines all alike.太陽同樣地普照一切. The surest way to be happy is to be busy.要快樂,最可靠的辦法是忙碌. The sweetest grapes hang the highest.最甜的葡萄掛在最高的地方. The sweetest thing in life. Is the welocme of a wife.人生最甜蜜的事情就是愛妻的歡迎. The tail does often catch the fox.狐貍常因尾巴而被捕. The tailor makes the man.人靠衣裝. The talent of success is nothing more than doing well whatever you do without a thought of fame.成功沒有其它辦法,只有好好工作而不存名利思想. The three foundations of learning: seeing much, suffering much, and studying much.求學的三個基本原則是∶多觀察、多吃苦、多鉆研. The three things most difficult are, to keep a secret, to forget an injury, and to make good use of labour.三件事最困難∶保守秘密,忘卻傷害和善用精力. The tiger has once tasted blood is never sated with the taste of it.老虎一次嘗到血,它的貪心就更大. The tongue is but three inches long, yet it can kill a man six feet high.舌頭雖只三寸長,但能殺害六尺漢. The tongue is not steel yet it cuts.舌頭不是鋼,傷人似刀劍. The tongue is not steel, yet it cuts.人言可畏。 The tongue of idle persons is never idle.懶漢的舌頭并不閑. The tortosis wins the race while the hare is sleeping.兔子睡大覺,烏龜才得勝. The truest politeness comes from sincerity.真正的殷勤出于真誠. The truths we least like to hear are those which it is most to our advantage to know.我們最不喜歡聽到的真實,總是我們知道了會大有好處的真實. The unrighteous penny corrupts the righteous pound.不正當得來的便士會使正當得來的英鎊受到污濁. The used key is always bright.常用的鑰匙總是光亮的. The virtue of a man ought to be measured not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct.人的品德不能看他一時格外賣力,而要看他的日常行為. The voice is the best music.說話聲是最好的音樂. The voice of one man is the voice of no one.一個人的聲音是沒有力量的. The voice of the people is the voice of God.人民之聲力大無比. The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.水能載舟,也能覆舟. The weakest goes to the wall.適者生存. The wealth of the mind is the only true wealth.精神財富是唯一的真正財富. The wife is the key of the house.妻子是一家的鑰匙. The wine in the bolttle does not quench thirst.瓶中之酒不解渴. The wisdom of nations lies in their proverbs, which are brief and pithy.國家智慧,寓于格言,它們精辟,而且簡練. The wise are instructed by reason; ordinary minds, by experience; the stupid, by necessity; and brutes, by instinct.聰明人循理智辦事,平常人照經驗辦事,蠢人按需要辦事,畜生憑本能辦事. The wise hand doth not all that the foolish mouth speaks.聰明人的手不做愚笨人所說的事. The wise man has long ears and a short tongue.聰明人耳朵長,嘴巴短. The wise man is always a good listener.智者善聽人言. The wise man knows he knows nothing, but the fool thinks he knows it all.聰明人知道自己不懂什麼,蠢人則以為自己什麼都懂. The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all.清者自清,濁者自濁。 The wise man's tongue is a shield, not a sword.智者之言,是保衛而非攻擊. The wish is father to the thought.有愿望就有信念. The wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel.鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利. The wolf may lose his teeth, but never his nature.江山易改,本性難易. The word "Impossible" is not in my dictionary.我的詞典里沒有“不可能”一詞的. The word once spoken can never be realled.一言既出,駟馬難追. The work shows the workman.什麼匠人出什麼活. The world is a ladder for some to go up and others to go down.世界如階梯,有人上有人下。 The world is a ladder for some to go up and some down.人間猶如一架梯,有人緣梯上升,有人順梯下降. The world is but a little place, after all.有緣千里來相會. The world is comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.世界對思惟著的人來說,是一出喜劇,而對憑感覺的人看來,只是一出悲劇. The worst men often give the best advice.最不行的人,往往能提出最好的意見. The worst misfortunes are these that never hzppen.最大的不幸是害怕不會發生的不幸. The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.物以稀為貴. Theings past cannot be recalled.過去的事情無可挽回. Theings present are judged by things past.欲斷今日事,須知往日情. There are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.海里的好魚是取之不盡的. There are but three ways of living: by working, by stealing, or by begging.生活道路有三條∶勞動、偷盜或乞討. There are lees to every wine.美中有不足. There are more foolish buyers than foolish sellers.愚蠢的買主多魚愚蠢的賣主. There are no birds of this year in last year's nests.事過境遷. There are no gains without pains.不勞則無獲。There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.教育顯然有兩種∶一種是教人怎樣謀生,另一種是教人怎樣生活. There are only two powers in the world, the sword and the pen; and in the end the former is always conquered by the latter.世界上只有兩種力量∶刀和筆;而其結果,后者總是戰勝前者. There are spots even on the sun.人無完人。There are spots in (or on) the sum.人孰無過. There are spots in the sun.太陽也有黑點。 There are three ways of spreading news. -- telegraph, telephone, and tel-a-woman.傳播新聞有三種方法∶電報、電話和告訴女人. There are two sides to every question.每個問題都有兩個方面. There is a black sheep in every flock.群群羊中有黑羊. There is a crook in the lot of everyone.人生皆有不如意處. There is a GREat deal of difference between the eager man who wants to read a book, and the tired man who wants a book to read.渴望求知的人需要讀書,累得疲勞的人也需要書讀,兩種人的要求有很大的區別. There is a skeleton in every house.每座房子都有骨架. There is a skeleton in the cupboard.家家有本難念的經。 There is a small choice in rotten apples.朽木不可雕. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.該說話時說話,該沈默時沈默. There is another side to the picture.凡事一分為二。There is as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.有水何患無魚。There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.可敬與可笑之間只有一步之差. There is honour among thieves.盜亦有道. There is kindness to be found everywhere.人間處處有溫情。 There is life in the old dog yet.老當益壯. There is more trouble in having nothing to do than in having much to do.無事可做比有許多事要做更傷腦筋. There is much to be said on both sides.公說公有理,婆說婆有理. There is no end to learning.學無止境。There is no fire without smoke.無火沒有煙. There is no fool like an old fool.老年荒唐無法可想. There is no general rule without some exception.普遍規律必有例外. There is no medicine against death.沒有長生不老藥。 There is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love andd innocence.人世間最大的幸福莫如既有愛情而又清白無暇. There is no place like home.再好之處不如自己家. There is no rose without a thorn.玫瑰花沒有不長刺的. There is no royal road to learning.治學無坦途. "There is no royal road to learning."求知無坦途;學問無捷徑。There is no smoke without fire.無風不起浪. There is no time like the present.機不可失,時不再來. There is no wealth like unto knowledge, for thieves cannot steal it.沒有什麼財富像知識那樣保險,因為它偷不去,搶不走. There is noaccounting for tastes.人各有所好. There is none without a fault.人孰無過. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.事情本無好與壞,全在自己怎麼想. There is nothing that costs less than civility. 以禮待人,于己無損。There is nothing which has not been bitter before being ripe.事情在成功前沒有不艱苦的. There is nothing worse than apathy.哀莫大于心死. There is safety in numbers.人多勢眾. There you go again.又來了.There’s no place like home.金窩銀窩,不如自家草窩。Thereis no wool so white but a dyer can make it black.羊毛再白,也能染黑. There's as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.海里的好魚是取之不盡的. There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.老當益壯. There's many a slip between the cup and the lip.天有不測風云. There's more knows Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows.臭名氣并不光彩. They are never alone accompanied by noble thoughts.思想高尚者決不會孤單. They assume most who know the least.懂得最少的人自以為最了不起. They bray most that can do least.說話最多的人,能做的事最少. They die well that live well.活著正常的人死也正常. They must hunger in frost that will not work in heat.少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲. They that (or who) live longest see most.活得最長,見識最廣. They that live longest must die at last.活得最久長,終難免一亡. They that live longest see most.年歲越高,閱歷越深。They that marry in GREen, their sorrow is soon seen.過早地結婚,不久必悔恨. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.淚水汪汪播種,得意洋洋收獲. They who cannot do as they would, must do as they can.不能為所欲為者,也當盡力而為之. They who live in a worry. Invite death in a hurry.生活多愁,死亡必速. Things at the worst will mend.否極泰來。 Things done can not be undone. 木已成舟。 Things done cannot be undone.木已成舟. Things rashly taken end as ill.草率從事沒有好結果. Things unreasonable are never durable.不合理的事不會持久. Think about the misforture of others that you may be satisfied with your own lot.想想別人的不幸,你可以對自己的命運感到滿足. Think all you speak, but speak not all you think.想想你所說的一切,不要全部說出你所想的. Think much, speak little, and write less.勤思考,寡發言,少落筆. Think of the devil and he's looking over your shoulders.說到曹CAO,曹CAO就到. Think today and speak tomorrow.三思而后行. Think twice before you do.三思而后行。 Think with the wise, but talk with the vulgar.同智者一起考慮,與俗人一起交談. Thinking well is wise; planning well, wiser; doing well, wisest and best of all.想得好,聰明;籌畫得好,更聰明;做得好,最聰明最好. This horse is light in the mouth.這匹馬容易控制。This world belongs to the energetic.世界屬于精力旺盛的人. Thoroughly to teach another is the best way to learn for yourself.教學相長. Thos who eat most are not always fattest; those who read most, not always wisest.吃得最多的人不一定最肥胖,讀書最多的人不一定最聰明. Those that make the best use of their time have none to spare.能充分利用時間的人不會有時間多馀. Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do everything for money.認為有了錢就能辦一切的人,往往準備為了錢而無所不為. Those who climb high often have a fall.爬得高往往跌得重. Those who complain most are most to be complained of.抱怨最多的人往往最招人怨. Those who eat best and drink best often do worst.吃得好喝得好的人往往干得最糟. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.自己有短處,不要揭別人的短處. Those who work deserve to eat; those who do not work deserve to starve.勞動者該得食,不勞者該挨餓. Though a lie be well dressd, it is ever overcome.謊言即使打扮得不錯,到頭來總會被揭穿. Though malice may darken truth, it cannot put it out.惡意可以遮暗真理,但不能抹殺真理. Though the fox run, the chicken hath wings.狐貍雖會跑,小雞有翅膀. Though the wound be healed yet a scar remains.創傷可愈合,傷疤猶留存. Though thy enemy seem a mouse, yet watch him like a lion.即使敵人小如鼠,也要防他如防虎. Though you cast out nature with a fork, it will still return.本性難移. Thought is the seed of action.思想是行動的種子. Three removes are as bad as a fire.三次搬家猶如一次失火. Three things soon pass away; the echo of the woods, the rainbow, and woman's beauty.三樣東西最易消逝∶樹林的回響, 彩虹和婦女的美貌. Thrift is good revenue.節約是個好收入. "Through hardship to the stars.""成功之路,艱難崎嶇。"Through obedience learn to command.只有學會聽命于人,方能學會向人發號施令. Throw away the apple because of the core.因噎廢食. Thy friend has a friend and thy friend's friend has a friend so be discreet.你的朋友有朋友,朋友的朋友又有朋友,所以要謹慎小心. Time and tide wait for no man.歲月無情. Time and words can never be recalled.消逝的時間和說出的話不能追回. Time cures all things.時間可以醫治一切創傷. Time discloses (or reveals) all things.時間會暴露一切. Time does not bow to you,, you must bow to time.必須抓緊時間. Time flies.時光易逝. Time is money, but money is not time.時間就是金錢,但金錢不是時間. Time is money.時間就是金錢. Time lost cannot be won again.時光流逝,不可復得。 Time marches on.時光流逝不回頭. Time past cannot be called back again.光陰一去不復返. Time past never returns, amoment lost, lost for ever.過去的時間決不返回,浪費一點,永遠消失. Time reveals all things.時間會揭露一切. Time tames the strongest grief.時間可以沖淡最強烈的悲傷. Time tries all.時間檢驗一切. Time tries truth.時間考驗真理. Time will tell.時間將說明一切。Time works GREat changes.時間能產生巨大的變化. Time works wonders.時間可以創造奇跡. Timid dogs bark most.狗膽小,拼命叫. Tit for tat is fair play.人不犯我,我不犯人;人若犯我,我必犯人。 To a boiling pot flies come not.蒼蠅不叮沸水壺. To a crazy ship all winds are contrary.對于一只漫無目標的船來說,不論什麼方向的風都是逆風. To acquire wealth is difficult, to preserve it more difficult, but to spend it wisely most difficult of all.積財難,守財最難,而聰明地散財最難. To be angry with a weak man is a proof that you are not very strong yourself.對弱者發脾氣證明你自己并不很強. To be good is to be happy.從善是樂。To be of use in the world is the only way to be happy.為善最樂. To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.維護和平最有效的辦法之一是備戰. To be virtuous is to do good.行善是美德. To care for wisdom and truth and the improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honour and reputation.獲得智慧,尋求真理,并使心靈美好,要比追求金錢、榮譽和名聲好得多. To err is human.人無完人. To err is human; to forgive, divine.人難免錯誤,寬恕別人是神圣的. To fill the hour – that is happiness.珍惜時間就是幸福。To forgive our enemies is a charming way of revenge.饒恕敵人是一種巧妙的報復方法. To gain teaches how to spend.量入為出. To have a stomach and lack meat; to have meat and lack a stomach; to lie in bed and cannot rest; are GREat miseries.最大在痛苦在于胃口好而無肉食,有佳肴而無胃口,躺在床上而不能休息. To have money is a fear, not to have it a grief.有錢使人擔心,沒錢使人傷心. To hear a hundred times is not so good as to see once.百聞不如一見. To him that does everything in its proper time, one day is worth three.辦事不失時機,一天可抵三天用. To know everything is to know nothing.事事皆知,事事不懂. To know how to wait is the GREat secret of success.懂得如何等待是成功的秘訣. To know one’s self is true proGREss.了解自己就是真正的進步。To know one's self is true proGREss.能有自知之明就是真正的進步. To know oneself is true proGREss.人貴有自知之明。 To know the disease is half the cure.找出病根等于治愈了一半. "To know which way the wind blows."辨知風向。To learn obeying is the fundamental art of governing.學會順從是管理的基本藝術. To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die.活在后人心,雖死而猶生. To live long is almost everyone's wish, but to live well is the ambitiion of a few.活得長幾乎是每個人的愿望,可是生活得好只是少數人的志氣. To lose a freind is the GREatest of all loses.失掉朋友是一切損失中最大的損失. To love and to be loved is the GREatest happiness of existence.愛人和得到人愛是人生最大的幸福. To make enemies, talk; to make friends, listen.要成仇敵,多講;要成朋友,多聽. To marry a woman for her beauty is like buying a house for its paint.由于面貌美麗而娶妻,猶如油漆漂亮而買屋. To mention the wolf's name is to see the same.說到曹CAO,曹CAO就到. To preserve a friend three things are required: to honour him present, praise him absent, and assist him in his necessities.維持友誼需要三點∶當面尊重他,背后贊揚他,需要時幫助他. To promise and give nothing is comfort to a fool.允諾而不費什麼是給愚蠢人的安慰. To read without reflection is like eating without digestion.學而不思,猶如食而不化. To really understand a man we must judge him in misfortune.要真正了解一個人,需在不幸中考察他. To save time is to lengthen life.省節時間就是延長壽命. To say little and perform much is the characteristic of GREat minds.少講多做是大智者的特性. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.要奮斗,要探索,要有所發現,而不要屈服. To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.懷著希望去旅行比抵達目的地更愉快;而真正的成功在于勤勞. To worry about tomorrow is to be unhappy today.擔心明天,今天就不愉快了. To youth I have but words of counsel -- work, work, work.對青年人,我要奉勸幾句話∶工作,工作,再工作. Today is the scholar of yesterday.今天是昨天的學者. Tomorrow comes never.切莫依賴明天. Tomorrow is another day.明天有明天的事. Tomorrow never comes.我生待明日,萬事成蹉跎。 Too many cooks spoil the broth.人多嘴雜.廚師多燒壞湯? Too much familiarity breeds contempt.過分熟悉會使人互不服氣。 Too much humility is pride.過分謙虛即驕傲. Too much knowledge makes the head bald.知識多,老得快. Too much liberty spills all.自由放任,一事無成。 Too much liberty spoils all.太多的自由破壞了一切. Too much praise is a burden.過多夸獎,反成負擔。 Too much spoils, too little is nothing.過多反壞事,太少不濟時. Too much water drowned the miller.過猶不及. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.欲速則不達. Touch pitch and you will be defiled.近朱者赤,近墨者黑. Touch pitch, and you will be defiled.常在河邊走,哪有不濕鞋。Travel east or travel west, a man's own home is still the best.走到東,走到西,最好還是到家里. Tread on a worm and it will turn.困獸猶斗. Troubles never come singly.禍不單行. True blue will never stain.真金不怕火. True coral needs no painter's brush.真珊瑚無需刷油漆. True friendship is a plant of slow growth.真正的友誼像是生長緩慢的植物. True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.真誠的友誼猶如強健的身體,要到失去它時,才知它的可貴. True friendship lasts forever.真正的友誼地久天長。True love is giving not taking.真正的愛情是給而不是取. True love never grows old.真愛永不老. True love shows itself in time of need.急需時見真情. True praise roots and spreads.表揚真實,根深傳遠. True wisdom is know what is best worth knowing, and to do what is best worth doing.真正的智慧是知道最值得知道的事情和做最值得做的事情. Trust not the praise of a friend, nor the contempt of an enemy.不要信賴朋友的贊揚,也不要仇敵的輕蔑放在心上. Trust thyself only, and another shall not betray thee.只要信任你自己,別人不會辜負你. Truth and love are two of the most powerful things in the world; and when they both go together they cannot easily be withstood.真理和愛情是世界上力量最強大的兩樣東西,當它們兩者走在一起時,它們是很難抵擋的. Truth and roses have thorns about them.真理和玫瑰,身上都刺. Truth fears not the flames of slander and injustice.真金不怕火. Truth hath a good face, but ill clothes.真理相貌好,但衣衫襤褸. Truth is (or lies) at the bottom of the decater.酒后露真言. Truth is honest, truth is sure; Truth is strong and must endure.真理不會騙人,切實無假;真理的力量強大,永存不垮. Truth is stranger than fiction.真理比幻想更奇特. Truth is the daughter of time.真理是時間的女兒. Truth is the foundation of all knowledge, and the cement of all societies.真理是一切知識的基礎,是一切社團的紐帶.Truth lies at the bottom of a well.事實真相往往不在表面,而在深層. Truth may be blamed, but shall never be shamed.真理可能被指責,但是決不蒙恥辱. Truth needs no colour; beauty, no pencil.真理不些要色彩,美麗不需涂飾. Truth never grows old.真理永存。 Truth will conquer.真理必勝. Truth will prevail.真理必勝. Truth will stand without a prop.真理能樹,不靠支持. Truth, once crushed, will rise again.真理是打不倒的. Truth's best ornament is nakedness.不加裝飾是真理的最好的裝飾. Try (your friend) before you trust him.朋友要經考驗,才能取得信任. Turn over a new leaf.洗心革面,改過自新。 Turn your tongue seven times before speaking.話到嘴邊留三分. Two blacks do not make a white.兩個烏黑不等于一個清白. Two can play at the game.你會耍的花招,別人也會。Two can play the game.孤掌難鳴. Two cats and a mouse, two wives in one house, two dogs and a bone, never aGREe in one.兩貓伴一鼠,兩妻居一屋,兩狗肯一骨,萬難同相處. Two dogs over one bone seldom aGREe.兩狗啃一骨,相持難服輸. Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it.鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利. Two ears to one tongue, therefore hear twice as much as you speak.兩只耳朵對一舌,故應多聽而少說. Two heads are better than one.集思廣益. "Two heads are better than one."兩人智慧勝一人。Two in distress makes sorrow less.同病相憐. Two is company, but three is none.兩人成為伴,三人不結侶. Two of a trade seldom aGREe.同行是冤家. Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings.小過彼此不相諒,兩人友誼難長久. Two quarrel and a third profits by it.鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利. Two sparrows on one ear of corn make an ill aGREement.一穗兩雀爭,意見亂紛紛. Two things doth prolong your life: a quiet heart and a loving wife.心情平靜妻賢淑,延年益壽多得福. Two wrongs do not make a right.別人錯了,不等于你對了。 Two wwongs don't make a right.兩個錯誤不能構成一個正確.

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