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        What is Love?


        love is mom’s kiss and dad’s pat.

        love is sweet roses to a lover and tender caresses to a child.

        love is the tree of friendship.

        love is mutual understanding and support .

        love is forgiveness and sacrifice.

        love is the never-setting sun in the sky.

        love is the spring of the inspiration.

        love is a panacea that cures spiritual wounds.

        love is the candle in the dark and the fireplace in the cold.

        love is a key to open the door of a closed heart.

        love is an oasis on a boundless desert which gives a tired walker strength and hope.

        love is a harbor in a turbulent sea which makes a weary seaman safe and sound.

        love is balmy wind that sooths pain and anxiety from the tempests of the life.

        love is the teacher’s persisting in giving lectures when he is ill.

        love is passing a cup of tea to teachers during the break.

        love is sending postcards to parents on their birthdays.

        love is a kind of subtle and precious sensation among human beings.

        love is all



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